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New Generation Delivery System!

Pierre Loti Furniture also makes effective investments in after-sales services in order to provide its customers with a flawless service from A to Z. With our partner company Mobilog, we provide free delivery and professional assembly service whenever you are available!


We keep our favorite furniture models in our stocks in order to be able to deliver faster in our growing warehouse.

Sales & Planning

During the sale, our experienced team informs you about the stock status of the products you are interested in and carries out delivery planning.


Our delivery and installation team will make an appointment to the nearest available time for your products to be delivered and installed free of charge.


After the appointment, our installation and assembly specialist company carries out the shipment with their vehicles.


After shipment, our experienced assembly teams perform all installations free of charge, and you only need to decide which furniture will be placed where.


Our teams photograph the assembly services after delivery and report the entire process.

Our DeliverNetwork

We provide delivery service throughout Turkey and in the world, we offer free installation and delivery service in our delivery network!








Unique Models

Unique options you can only see in our stores.

Free Delivery

TFree assembly & delivery opportunity for all products.

Advanced warranty.

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Secure Shopping

Secure payment options by Card, Cash or In Installments.

Special Models

Unique options that you can only see in our stores.

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