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About Us

We bring you modern designs.

Perfectly compatible with your daily life since 1987.

After discovering the needs

Our story started in 1987!

With our brand established in 1987, we present the boutique store concept on an area of 3500 m² to our consumers. Our goal is to present our product groups with modern lines to the taste of our consumers and to bring this satisfaction and quality to all our brand friends in 81 provinces.

Our Vision

To become a global brand of Turkish origin by offering modern, standard and original wooden furniture. To bring brand awareness to the forefront by making all our products that make a difference, from quality to design originality, global with the name Pierre Loti.


Our Mission

We act with business ethics at all stages from production to marketing and distribution network, and strictly apply ethical working principles.


Better Together With You

We aim to achieve success by working with a high motivation to be the best in every field we operate without compromising the quality and service of our products. Pierre Loti Furniture is a strong furniture company that has made it a habit to act with a team spirit and always keeps up with technological developments without compromising its principles with its experience and knowledge.


Unique Models

Unique options you can only see in our stores.

Free Delivery

TFree assembly & delivery opportunity for all products.

Advanced warranty.

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Secure Shopping

Secure payment options by Card, Cash or In Installments.

Special Models

Unique options that you can only see in our stores.

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